Arden Rose Senior Living

  • Real Estate Development
  • Architecture and Design

Arden Rose Senior Living is located in Algonquin, IL and provided independent living, assisted living, and memory care services. 

Project Details

Real Estate Development

This site had numerous challenges due to the topography, the water retention requirements, and other village zoning restrictions.  Numerous initial site designs were created until we made a plan that maximized the potential of the property. 

We were able to create a site plan with a boutique community feel for the residents, and a rustic aesthetic that stands out among competing properties.

Architecture and Design

Following successful zoning changes and property acquisition, we proceeded to work though detailed design and engineering. The rustic aesthetic was expressed thought the interior and exterior of the building design, as well as through the landscaping and site accents.

We worked closely with a large team of subcontractors and worked through a value engineering stage prior to completing the drawings. This saved the client extensive time and costs. Final construction pricing and permitting were completed in parallel. The moment permitting was complete we were ready to start construction.

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